CRRT (Continuous renal replacement therapy)

How can I refer a patient?

It is always better to have a low threshold from the referral evaluation. We can always give you an option on the phone. There is a possibility of us being able to offer your patient hope of a rescue therapy.

Why is CRRT necessary?

The word "renal" refers to the kidneys, which perform several functions for the body. Not only do they cleanse the blood and remove excess fluid, the kidneys control blood pressure and help make red blood cells. However, when the body experiences critical illness or trauma from accidents, burns or surgery, the kidneys protect themselves from the stress by slowing down. That's when the body needs outside help in the form of CRRT.

How long is the need of the machine?

The most important guideline is the time needed for the kidneys to heal themselves. Also, use of CRRT depends on what other problems are present.

How is CRRT performed?

A large bore special dual lumen catheter is placed in a major vein and the blood is removed, cleaned and pumped back into the body.

When should CRRT be started when a patient is suffering from acidosis, volume overload and hyperkalemia? Is early better?

Yes, earlier the therapy starts better the outcomes.

Can I use it if my BP is very low?

Yes, CRRT is ideal for patients with low BP and on vasopressor support.